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Free PSN codes now available to everyone
Free PSN codes now available to everyone
Everyone is looking for a way to get free PSN codes, especially young gamers who have limited weekly allowances that they can not afford to spend. Since gaming is becoming more and more expensive, tools like the free PSN code generator presented here are an easy way to get those precious prepaid gift card codes and even PlayStation Plus cards with a yearly membership.

How the free PSN codes are used?

The PlayStation Network (PSN) uses a wallet system that stores the user's funds and allows him to make online purchases in his local currency. The easiest way to deposit funds into the account is via prepaid PSN cards with a12 character unique code composed of letters and numbers assigned a different value, from $10 up to $50. Although for some countries like the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan the cards are in the local currency, the most common cards sold online are in USD and are sold by merchants in the United States.

So, how do you redeem your card and get the moeny into your account? Actually it is very simple, just login to your PlayStation®Store account and click "Redeem code". Enter the code and if valid the amount will be deposited into your wallet.

The PSN code generator from LH

To be honest, there are thousands of PSN code generators available online, trying to guess the right combination of letters and number and produce a valid code. Since there are approximately 4.7383813 × 1018 combinations, the task of finding a working code becomes almost impossible, or not exactly.

What LH did is, instead of randomly generating codes, he compiled a database of 3.5M used codes with the help of the members of a forum that will not be named in this article. Once this list was ready, he started calculating the mathematical distance in the codes using some very complex algorithms. After a lot of time, trial and error, a pattern was found in the code generation process, something that is also used in cryptocurrencies.

The codes are not generated randomly but using a very sophisticated mathematical process, they can be determined as a result of other already used PSN codes. Since the database is growing every day and users are submitting their used codes, there is a small number of codes that can be generated in this manner daily.
The more codes users submit, the more codes can be generated. Currently, the collections has 4.7M rows, and more than 7.500 codes have been generated as of the moment of writing this article.

LH contacted Sony, but they failed to admit that this process was real, simply because doing so will mean that their security has been compromised and the thousands of printed PlayStation Network cards that are currently being sold in stores and online all over the world will have to be recalled.

What LH did after that was to release the newly generated free PSN codes to the gaming community. Having in mind that the process does not generate unlimited amounts of codes, he made a reservation system where every code was assigned to a website visitor for a limited amount of time, thus not wasting any of the codes to undeserving users.

If you would like to know how to get free PSN codes or you would like to submit your used codes to help the project, you can visit LH's site.

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