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PSP teams up with Cascade Productions for GAMEfest 2011

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Birmingham's NEC was the site of GAMEfest 2011 that was put on by GAME, the leading specialist video-game retailer in Europe. PSP supplied the event with all the audio visual kit and services that it needed. The NanoLumens flexible LED display and 103" Panasonic Plasma screen made sure that there were enough signage and wayfinding displays. This was necessary due to the importance of communication and adherence to activity timings at this event.

This GAMEfest marked the first time that the 112" NanoLumens screen had been used at an event that was live. It was a very different display to what many people use in their daily lives to surf the internet or play Partypoker. The screen is fantastically bright and it weighs only 41kgs. It is also very easy to install and this does not take much time at all. Another reason why the screen was used is its brightness and 6mm pixel pitch. It was able to be seen clearly from all the way at the other end of the exhibition hall and looked really good.

The Panasonic 103" plasma screen displayed seminar and conference times during the event, a really useful feature so that people didn't miss any of their favourite events. It was located outside an inflatable mini-theatre that that had been bespoke built.

The event occurred on a very large scale, with three whole NEC halls being in use for the duration. The organisers of this event have understood that there is an big demand for digital platforms and high quality at these sorts of events, and it looks like they have definitely stepped up. The event lasted for a week, during which time fans were excited to experience the latest offerings.

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