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Tutorial on how to run ChickHEN Enabler R2

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ChickHEN Folder On The PSP
ChickHEN Folder On The PSP
If you are reading this, it means that you want to run homebrew games or apps on your PSP. By default the PSP does not support this kind of software so you will need to install homebrew enabler on your Play Station Portable. Here is a small and easy to understand tutorial on how to run ChickHEN Enabler R2 on your device.

To run the ChichHEN on your PSP first of all you have to check your Firmware. This enabler is for 5.03 version ONLY. Do not try to load it on other versions. If you don’t have the right version, you can download it at our download section. Here are all the things you will need in order to run ChickHEN Enabler R2:
  • USB Cable
  • PSP-3000/2000 with 5.03 firmware (very important)
  • ChickHEN Enabler R2
  • PC
  • And good patience

Download ChickHEN Enabler R2

Connect the PSP to your PC via USB connection. Open the root of the memory stick and copy the h.bin file there as shown on the image below.

Root of the Memory Card

Now open the PICTURE folder and place the ChickHEN folder like in the photo.

Memory Stick/Pictures

When you do that, open this folder and put some JPEGs there, it doesn't matter (I put Prince of Persia wallpapers). Your ChickHEN folder should be something like this.

Memory Stick/Pictures/ChickHEN Folder

Now disconnect the PSP and go to the Pictures folder on the XMB. Select the folder ChickHEN like in the photo.

ChickHEN Folder On The PSP

Scroll down the images and wait. When you see flashing colors, the PSP will reboot and start again in homebrew environment. That means you are ready to go. If your PSP freezes retry until you get it.

Comments: Tutorial on how to run ChickHEN Enabler R2

Posted by Mikele on Saturday, March 06, 2010 19:05
10x for this tutorial appreciated
Posted by Eden on Saturday, August 06, 2011 03:37
Do i need custom firmware for this? i'd like to do home brew/ custom firmware but i have a feeling i'll mess up my psp. help?
Posted by abid on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 16:36
i've PSP 3004 with firmware 6.60. can i hack my PSP?? please answer.
Posted by sam on Thursday, October 18, 2012 16:03
I want to play homebrew games on my PAL- version PSP-3004 firmware 6.60 how can i do that without scr*wing up my psp . Can someone tell me presicely how ?
Posted by alol on Monday, December 31, 2012 08:49
can anyone hacak my psp 3004 with firmware 6.60?

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