Download Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1

Download Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1

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Battery Warning Plugin for PSPBattery Warning Plugin for PSP
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Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1

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Battery Warning plugin is a PSP plugin that shows a message on screen when your battery reaches 15% or less charge. Works in VSH/GAME + Homebrew Games & Apps. Why bother when the PSP LED blinks when the battery is low? Well lets face it, who can honestly say when they are stuck into a game that they even notice the LED blinking at all, also added to that, the fact that when your playing a game your thumb practically covers the whole light, it's not an ideal method of warning.

Changelog Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1:
  • Added ability to turn the message off. Press L+R+Select to disable the message once shown.
  • Changed message to display remaining battery percentage and time remaining (in mins)
  • Message now doesn't get hidden behind objects.
  • Message now clearer to read (again).
  • Reduced flickering substantially (still flickers in certain games)
Author: Zack

Download Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1
battWarn_V0.3.1.zipFile size: 41.88 KB uploaded on 05.02.2010

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