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From the readme.txt: This program builds on the work done by Saotome to load homebrew EBOOT.PBPs into PSPs with v2.0 firmware, using the TIFF exploit. It will not work on any other firmware version - including v2.01. It currently cannot run all known homebrew, but it uses a number of tricks to get substantially further than ever before. Known limitations are:- Can't run kernel-mode applications.- That means anything that uses wi-fi or USB access, or emulates ISOs/UMDs.- Some minor system calls are still unsupported.It's also still very much in development, so you should expect a few bugs, and for not every EBOOT to run perfectly. A common problem is a load buzzing noise when starting up some emulators, so you may want to play with your PSPvolume turned down.

Download EBOOT loader
EBOOT_Loader_v09.zipFile size: 561.61 KB uploaded on 16.11.2009

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