Download Links-2.1pre23 PSP r1231

Download Links-2.1pre23 PSP r1231

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Raf's PSP port of Links2, the popular text-based web browser supporting anti-alias font rendering and JavaScript!
  • Using a new mouse cursor
  • Implemented h/w double buffering to go along the s/w double buffering (more like triple buffering). This solves the flickering of danzeff.
  • Slowed down the mouse pointer a bit. Also made this a configuration item (mouse_speed_factor).
  • Renamed config item psp_bb_to_fb_factor to screen_zoom_factor
  • Added support for 16bpp to danzeff
  • Modified links to use 16bpp; this saves a lot of memory.
  • Cleaned up the call to the input handler. This resolved some timing issues that were causing the graphic glitches (menu screens not clearing up correctly).

Download Links-2.1pre23 PSP r1231
links-2.1pre22_psp_r1231_stand_alone.zipFile size: 2.53 MB uploaded on 28.09.2009

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